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Decades before pre-workout supplements existed, bodybuilders and other athletes were using desiccated liver tablets to boost their training energy, stamina and performance. There’s nothing else quite like this supplement.

From farm to tablet: Pure Muscle is made from fresh Grade-1 beef liver from hormone-free cattle raised on protein-rich, pesticide-free grasses in the open pastures of Argentina.

Since the 1970s, Beef Liver tablets has remained under the radar, used chiefly by advanced natural bodybuilders to spur dramatic gains in muscle energy, stamina and overall performance.

If you’re trying to recoup lost muscle size and strength after a layoff, there’s no more powerful stack than to combine Pure Muscle with Amazing Amino Acids.

Forge a “body of iron”: More than just a take-anywhere source of complete protein, Pure Muscle is loaded with unique blood-building and anabolic (growth) factors that help you enhance your physique and performance.*

Better results with fewer tablets: Golden-Era bodybuilders of the 1950s and 60s used to take 50-100 liver tablets daily to achieve extraordinary gains.

Pure Muscle is so concentrated, you can achieve Golden-Era results with only 15-25 tablets daily.

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